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When you visit your local gas station, you are accustomed to not just seeing gas pumps, but some of the other services that are provided. This can include stations where you can use vacuums, get access to air and water, and, of course, a car washing area or machine. These services are often expected when patrons stop by, allowing them to gas up, and make sure that their vehicle looks and is functioning at its best. If they have low air in their tires, or if they need to wash their car before leaving on a trip, this is available for them to use. Here is a quick overview of what is available for gas stations and a company called Air Water Parts, including water and air machines, parts for those machines, and also information about carwashes.

Gas Station Vacuum

After arriving at a gas station, if you have noticed that the interior of your vehicle is not looking as good as it should, you might want to use one of those vacuums that tends to be on the side, or in the back, of the gas station. The ones that you will typically see on the side are at gas stations that do not typically have a car wash. If they do have a car wash, you will find them as you exit the car wash, right after it has dried. This makes it very convenient for patrons to simply get out of their car, and take advantage of the vacuum that is there. They are typically coin-operated, and they have many different features, including giving you the option of adding fragrance or not to your vehicle.

Gas Station Vacuums

Most people that know that their car is absolutely filthy inside, that happened to be going to a gas station, likely use the gas station vacuums that are on the premises. These are easy to use, usually designed with an extremely long hose, allowing you to get to all of the areas inside of your vehicle. They are also designed to help you clean out light debris in the bed of your truck, and also out of your trunk if that is also dirty. They typically run for anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes for a couple dollars, and that's usually enough time to get everything cleaned up.

Air Water Machine

There are also stations with air and water dispensers. These can be used for a wide variety of purposes. If you are going to use the one for hair, it is typically to inflate your tires if you have noticed that one of them is low. They will often be equipped with some type of gauge so that you can make sure that you do not overfill each tire. This will also give you the benefit of knowing that each tire that you fill with air will be identical to the other. The water is typically dispensed in an attempt to help people that may have radiators that are low on water. Although it is typically recommended that you have antifreeze, this gives you the ability to add water very quickly in case you have a slow leak, helping you to get to the nearest mechanic without cracking your radiator or doing additional damage. These are also typically coin-operated, although in some communities, air and water is going to be free. Most of them will only have one or two stations that provide air and water, but for the most part, they are usually empty and therefore there will not be a wait for using these facilities.

Gas Station Air Pump For Sale If you are a gas station owner, and you have recently been told by people that have used your air pump that it is no longer functioning, you will have to replace it at some point in time. These are typically inexpensive, especially in comparison to a gas pump and can be replaced by a company that actually sells these in your area. The time that it will take to replace will depend upon the type of air pump that you have. Most of them are located above ground. This means that they will be very easy to exchange out, allowing the company to take out your old one, and simply replace it with a new one that is going to work.

Air Vending Machine

The air machines that you find at a gas station are also referred to as an air vending machine. This is because many of them are coin-operated, just like using the water, or using the vacuum that is on the property. This is a deterrent of sorts for those that would abuse the machine, or simply play with it because the air would turn on. This could lead to the machine actually breaking down much faster which could cost your company more money. If you have recently had one break, or if you currently do not have one that is coin-operated, you can have one of these installed instead.

Gas Station Air Machine

A common question that many people have is whether or not a gas station air machine is going to be standard at every gas station that you go to. For example, if you go to one of the major gas stations such as Shell or Texaco, many people expect these to be not only available, but also operational. If you do not have one, it might be a good idea to have one installed. It is one more reason why someone might decide to use your gas station over a competitors. If people are in the habit of using the air machine in order to check their tires, if you suddenly have one available where you did not have one before, that might make them a loyal customer.

Air and Water Machine for Gas Station

Owners of gas stations that are wondering where they can get an error and water machine for their gas station can actually contact a businesslike Air Water Parts. This is a company that offers a multitude of different options, all of which are affordably priced. This makes it easy for people that would otherwise have no idea on how to install one or even replace one, especially if it is not functioning properly. These businesses, if they are local, can actually come out to your place of business and do the work for you as part of the price that they quote.

Gas Station Tire Pump

Probably the most commonly expected service that is at a gas station, other than a car wash, is the tire pump area. Checking tires for proper air levels is quite common, and if you are near a freeway, or even if you are in a rural community, you are going to have customers that can only check their tires when they are getting gas, aside from taking it to a tire company. It just makes it more convenient for a gas station tire pump to be available for customers that are driving through. If you are near a freeway, or the likely you will have thousands of people from all different areas stopping by at your gas station, and having this available will make their trip much easier.

Air And Water Machine

For discounts on an air and water machine, you need to do a little bit of research on the different companies that offer these products for sale. Is not just about the products that they offer, but whether or not they can install them for you as most gas station owners are not privy to how to properly install these units. If it is going to provide air, then there must be an air compressor, and this is typically attached to the vending machine component of the device. The same is true for the part of the machine that disperses water which must be directly connected to the water that is available at your facility, which will get them easy access to the water that they need.

Gas Station Air Gauge

The reason that having a gas station air gauge is important is based upon two different forms of thinking. From the standpoint of wanting to provide your customers with as much service as possible, this is why many gas station owners will provide air, along with an air gauge, so that they can see how much air they are actually putting in. The other reason to do this is not all gas stations provide the service, and you could actually motivate people that have purchased gas from a completely different company, one of your competitors, to switching over to you. In this sense, it is a business decision, one that could actually help you generate tens of thousands of dollars in additional revenue every year by making it easier for people when they come to your gas station above all of the others.

Air & Water Machine Parts

Accessing a website, or contacting a business in your area, where it is possible to get machine parts for your air and water machine is an absolute must. It is so important to have a business that can help you with these problems. Even if you have recently purchased an air and water machine that was fully functional, may find it difficult to actually get a company to come out to repair the problem that you are having it they actually do not have the parts. Therefore, try to find a business that sells parts for these machines, and then discover whether or not they also do repairs. The company that offers both is the business that you will want to work with because it will help you save time and money working with one of these businesses.

Gas Station Water Machine

For most people that comes you a gas station, their primary objective is to get gas, and seldomly anything else. If there is a convenience store, they may go into purchase something to eat or drink, but as far as using any other services, they may only do so because of an emergency. An example of a machine that you can use that is typically used for emergency purposes is a gas station water machine. The ability to fill your radiator is something that you may need to have access to, and the gas station that has this available for you is going to be one that you may come back to again.

Air and Water Vending

An air and water vending machine is no different than a machine that either distributes both, or each independently. The main difference is that you have to pay. If you are traveling through a rural community, it is likely that they still have the old-style units which are absolutely free to use. However, if you are in a major urban area, where there is a high probability that people are going to be potentially using this machine a couple hundred times a week, it's actually a great investment to make because you could end up generating thousands of extra dollars every year, sometimes every month, by simply making this machine available.

Gas Station Tire Machine

These are sometimes called tire machines, but in most cases, they are referred to as air machines as well. They allow you to fill of your tires, and will almost always have a gauge so that people can see how much air is actually being placed into their tires, allowing them to stop at the right point. These machines aren't actually very expensive, by comparison to all of the other things that you will have to purchase at a gas station to make it fully functional however, if you do not have one, you can always find a company like Air Water Parts that may have the exact vending air machine that you need that can also help you earn additional revenue for your company.

Car Wash Vending Machine

One of the best moneymakers of any gas station has to be a car wash. These can come in three different forms. First of all, you could offer the self use car wash areas where people can pay a couple dollars, and using the water dispersal tools and brushes that are provided, they can wash their own car during short period of time. It is usually a dollar for every minute that it is used, although this can fluctuate either way. The second type of car wash is one that is fully automatic, allowing the driver to punch in a special code after they have paid, and it will wash your car for you, and even dry it, to eliminate the possibility of spots. The third way that you can set up a car wash is to actually hired people that will be part of the automated apparatus. These are individuals that may be at the end of the car wash that will manually towel it off, and even offer to spray the tires with armor all, or something similar, to make them really stand out. Regardless of which choice you make, by having a car wash at your gas station, you are looking at earning tens of thousands of dollars every single year, or even more, by making this available.

Vacuum Machine

Although the last thing on a person's mind, in most cases, is the interior of their car, they might be going to a special event. They may need to have their car cleaned, and if they don't have time to take it to a professional to do this for them, they might simply use the vacuum machine that you have at your gas station in order to clean it in about five minutes. You will have a vending apparatus set up so they will deposit a few dollars, and get access to the back during that time. As mentioned earlier, you typically have the option of adding fragrance, something that could be additional money which could be more revenue for your company.

Gas Station Water Gauge

If you do have a water station at your gas station, there should also be a gauge on the water dispenser. This will allow people to know how much they have actually put in. Although this may not be as critical as a air dispenser, by allowing them to know how much water has gone out, they can assess how much longer they will have to keep dispersing the water to reach the top. It's an added convenience that many people will appreciate, and if you are working with a company that provides water and air machines, as well as all of the parts, you should be able to have one of these installed. Air Water Parts is a company that does have this available, and if you are in close proximity to this business, it is likely that they will be able to install and repair any of the air and water machines, as well as the carwashes, that you have on your property.

Inclusion, if you are thinking about adding a brand-new water and air machine to your gas station, or if you have ones that already exist, and they need to be repaired, these businesses can be a significant help. They will have all of the equipment and parts, plus will also have the tools that will be necessary to do these installations and repairs after you have made the purchase. Find out more today about these companies in your area, or simply visit to find out more about the car wash, water, and air machines that they have available, as well as the repair services that they may offer.

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